This Brings Me so Much Joy by Polly Castor

This Brings Me so Much Joy

This phase is an exclamation that our daughter utters often with glee, so much so I wanted to capture the effervescent, grateful feeling of it.

Confidence by Polly Castor


I asked myself, what does confidence look like? It is forthright, assertive, unassuming, secure, but with some flair. I set about painting the idea of confidence, and this is what it looks (and feels) like to me.

Black Lives Matter by Polly Castor

Black Lives Matter

I needed to paint this to add one more voice to the Black Lives Matter movement. They not only matter but are crucial.

Empathy by Polly Castor


It takes warmth, caring, and awareness to understand and share the feelings of another.

Layers of Memory by Polly Castor

Layers of Memory

Some memories are in the foreground, others hover in the mid-ground, but many more back up the deep fabric of recollection.

Overcoming White Supremacy by Polly Castor

Overcoming White Supremacy

I’ve been thinking how dull a painting would be if we only had white as a color. Since “people of color” is a preferred reference, I opted here for a range of color, from muted to more intense, to represent diversity instead of choosing to merely depict a range of skin tone. This represents an ongoing process of overcoming, not a vision of it fully accomplished, but it is important to be doing it.

July by Polly Castor


It is an interesting challenge to visually sum up the essence of a month or time period without any representational images. In this painting you can see what July feels like to me, full of sun and water, periwinkle hydrangeas, marshmallows, ice cubes, bubbles, long days, cool evenings with dazzling night skies and fireflies, with lots of overlapping, joyful, restful activity. 

Discernment by Polly Castor


Discernment is necessary and important. It is a sorting process, seeing layers beneath layers, looking past distractions and decoys, and perceiving truth beyond appearances. It requires patience, spiritual sense, and openness to what is good and right.