Abstract Landscapes

On the Way to Church by Polly Castor

On the Way to Church

We see this scene twice a week on the way to church. It is a beautiful spot all year long and a great place to notice the changes of the seasons.

Glad for Sun After Weeks of Rain by Polly Castor

Glad for Sun After Weeks of Rain

These are trees directly outside my office window, at a joyous moment of sun after literally weeks of rain, when the light seemed so much more profound than before.

Psalm 91 by Polly Castor

Psalm 91

This painting illustrates the abstracted feeling and content of Psalm 91. Done in layered oil paint, scraping through to previous layers, it evokes both the cathartic challenges and the redeeming help described in the psalm.

Spring at New Pond Farm by Polly Castor

Spring at New Pond Farm

An impassioned portrayal of a favorite place bursting with the glories of a fresh new season, with new shoots and leaves, blooming trees, and ripples on the reflecting pond. Somewhere in there a tadpole is growing.

Starlit Lagoon by Polly Castor

Starlit Lagoon

Don’t you love it when the starry night is reflected in the water. The lagoon is quiet and still, and in amongst some bioluminescence and scattered algae, the stars twinkle their promise. The resulting hush is full of potential, calmly awaiting the spark of day.

House by the Bay by Polly Castor

House by the Bay

This house by the bay is sourced deep in the recesses of my memory from pouring over too many Architectural Digest magazines as a kid. I have finally painted it in this abstract way that catches the spirit of being there– all angles and view and light and basking and color– with the bay as just another horizontal element in the overall architectural design.

Enchanted Glen by Polly Castor

Enchanted Glen

Loved the moody but cheerful light in this glen. Painted alla prima in plein air, this abstract landscape was done in a burst of inspiration. It is a very textured, evocative piece. Is it moonlight, dusk, early morning, or just deep shade? Certainly, it is a place to linger and contemplate.