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Moonlit Sonata by Polly Castor

Moonlit Sonata

The sonata wafts past the fluttering, sheer curtains, revealing the moon shyly peeking out, surrounded and buoyed by beautiful melody.

Neutralizing Racism by Polly Castor

Neutralizing Racism

The project of neutralizing racism seems to be long and uphill, but with focus and persistence in removing bias, and renouncing privilege in favor of unity, it can happen.

Buoyancy by Polly Castor


Multiple layers of buoyancy are represented here, floating on current, energy or air. This work plays with how things are connected and how they are suspended in both place and time.

Swinging Suspension by Polly Castor

Swinging Suspension

Sometimes we are hovering between, either perilously, or suspended happily like in a hammock. The difference between these perspectives is largely what we superimpose on the situation.