Beguiling Eve by Polly Castor

Beguiling Eve

This painting depicts Eve in the second chapter of Genesis in the Bible, highlighting her innocence, her calmly listening to the snake, only knowing beauty and love.

Breaking Through by Polly Castor

Breaking Through

While we are breaking through, we can also see all the interesting things going on beyond, taking care of the bits and shards we must get past. The composition in this piece is a cruciform shape, adding further to its complexity of meaning.

Growing in Rocky Ground by Polly Castor

Growing in Rocky Ground

The tree is tenaciously surviving, even though its roots reach for purchase, sprawling above ground in all directions to get to where they can burrow into the earth. The Bible says that when seeds fall into stoney ground it is no good, and I agree it is not ideal; but often, I think it should be noted, they do find a way to flourish, regardless of the challenges facing them. When they do, they have so much more character, are interesting and beautiful in their own way. Many people have had “rocky” childhoods, and can relate. Some might say they are scarred forever, although that seems to depend more on attitude and choices about how to respond to those conditions. Like the tree in the painting, I am holding that it is possible to do well anyway.

Season of Waiting by Polly Castor

Season of Waiting

Advent is a hopeful, trying-to-be-patient time. A yearning and reaching time. A growing, unfolding, and enfolding time.