Because God Said So by Polly Castor

Because God Said So

I am a strong advocate of listening to God, trying the Spirits (unless it is good it is not from God), and if it is good, then being obedient. That’s what this painting is about.

Underneath the Everlasting Arms by Polly Castor

Underneath the Everlasting Arms

I love the sense of protection expressed in the idea of being tucked up underneath God’s wing. In the everlasting arms we are embraced, nurtured, and carried along.

The Power that Rolls the Stone Away by Polly Castor

The Power that Rolls the Stone Away

This is the moment that the stone is rolled away from Jesus’ tomb that first Easter morning. That same power rolls away the stone from our own human hearts, and brings us forth to continuing life. 

Palm Sunday by Polly Castor

Palm Sunday

Celebrating Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem with this dappled light through the palm fronds.