Divine Connection

Confidence by Polly Castor


I asked myself, what does confidence look like? It is forthright, assertive, unassuming, secure, but with some flair. I set about painting the idea of confidence, and this is what it looks (and feels) like to me.

Nexus by Polly Castor


This abstract conceptualist piece is about the holy moment it all comes together, when the spirit and soul collide, and are at one.

Resonate by Polly Castor


To “resonate” means to produce a positive feeling, or emotional response. That’s what this abstract conceptualist work is is about. The best way to do that is through a connection with God.

Om by Polly Castor


I originally thought of depicting the concept of Om in a continuous horizontal line, but the more I thought about it, I changed my mind. I like the vertical image instead as indicative of the human reaching for the divine, focusing past all the chatter of the foreground to the immense wholeness beyond. I chose an egg shape to represent that listening Source for the sense of life and patience it suggests.

Serendipity by Polly Castor


This textural piece in oil catches the spirit of the happy coincidence. Paint was applied over time to created a layered feeling both literal and figurative to illustrate the meaning of serendipity– the development of events in a beneficial way.

Panacea by Polly Castor


The universal cure, the a solution and remedy for all difficulties, is going forth from a divine Source.

Trust in God and Understand by Polly Castor

Trust in God and Understand

This is a line from a hymn that I’ve been pondering, delighted that it is possible and that I’m learning to do it. If feels full of details, hence the intricacies of this painting.

Walking in the Light by Polly Castor

Walking in the Light

Conceptual, metaphysical, metaphoric, dazzling, exciting, is what it is like to walk into the light. It is an experience I recommend for everyone. In the light everything looks interesting, everything become possible, and joy and hope are restored. This vibrant painting with a central focal point depicts the peaceful thrill of proceeding in that way.