Eternal Life

Life After Death by Polly Castor

Life After Death

I used the image of a milkweed in the late fall to depict the idea of the life cycle continuing, with the past the beauty of the former, and the possibility of the future, both palpable in every present moment.

At the Portal of the Afterlife by Polly Castor

At the Portal of the Afterlife

It is tough when friends pass on too soon, even when it is of “natural causes.” I found this comforting to paint while coping with a recent friend’s passing. It is of a her pausing to contemplate the bright abstraction of the eternal afterlife, just before stepping through.

Passing On by Polly Castor

Passing On

This depicts the spiritual portal to the afterlife and is in my immortality series.

The Realm by Polly Castor

The Realm

The eternal realm of infinite harmony is here and everywhere– vast, engaging, and satisfying.

Qi by Polly Castor


Qi is the same thing as chi, or life force. I loved the concept of “life force” as eternal and wanted to paint it. I asked myself, what does life force look like? This was my interpretation.

The Power that Rolls the Stone Away by Polly Castor

The Power that Rolls the Stone Away

This is the moment that the stone is rolled away from Jesus’ tomb that first Easter morning. That same power rolls away the stone from our own human hearts, and brings us forth to continuing life. 

Tree on Sunset Hill by Polly Castor

Tree on Sunset Hill

It was an honor, privilege, and joy to commune with, and ponder, this mammoth, gracious, gnarly, old soul! This tree is colossal– a person standing next to it would be barely discernible! Living so long, it begins to symbolize the continuity of all life.

Pre-existence by Polly Castor


This is a very layered, textural oil painting in my immortality series, which features the spiritual, pre-existent place before what is perceived as conception or birth.

Zoe by Polly Castor


A clergy friend suggested I paint a peacock because apparently they are symbolic of the resurrection since they were supposedly purified by tribulation and then adorned with virtue. I was interested in the color, radial composition, pattern, repetition, and movement. My friend named it Zoe after the Greek for eternal life.