Magnified Magnolia by Polly Castor

Magnified Magnolia

Inspired by the forms in nature, I’ve long appreciated the sinuous forms of magnolia petals and the luminous way light shimmers through their velvety surface.

Starlit Lagoon by Polly Castor

Starlit Lagoon

Don’t you love it when the starry night is reflected in the water. The lagoon is quiet and still, and in amongst some bioluminescence and scattered algae, the stars twinkle their promise. The resulting hush is full of potential, calmly awaiting the spark of day.

Alone in the City by Polly Castor

Alone in the City

I have thoroughly experienced being alone in a quiet city, even before a pandemic, so I can imagine what it must feel like during quarantine.

Trees on the Point by Polly Castor

Trees on the Point

I painted this outside in plein air on a picturesque peninsula on Long Lake in Maine. I wanted to capture the majesty of the four trees backed by the golden light. While working on this piece, a young bald eagle landed in these trees and watched me for a long while I painted.