Jonah and the Whale by Polly Castor

Jonah and the Whale

This depicts the story of Jonah and the whale from the Old Testament, with a self satisfied, child-like whale, pleased for being obedient to God, and with Jonah surrounded by light within as he prayed for deliverance.

Life After Death by Polly Castor

Life After Death

I used the image of a milkweed in the late fall to depict the idea of the life cycle continuing, with the past the beauty of the former, and the possibility of the future, both palpable in every present moment.

Embracing our Differences by Polly Castor

Embracing our Differences

In response to the divisions highlighted in the 2020 election in America, this painting considers that in art, contrasts are a good thing, and can be complimentary, mutually supportive, and even harmoniously appealing. This can also be true between faith traditions, as well as within religious organizations.

At the Portal of the Afterlife by Polly Castor

At the Portal of the Afterlife

It is tough when friends pass on too soon, even when it is of “natural causes.” I found this comforting to paint while coping with a recent friend’s passing. It is of a her pausing to contemplate the bright abstraction of the eternal afterlife, just before stepping through.

Searching for Truth by Polly Castor

Searching for Truth

In this painting, hidden among the search lights, are religious and philosophical symbols. Truth is not always obvious and can take time and persistent light to find. Sometimes embedded in the mosaic of mystery, we discover that it is the both the shining of the light and the pursuit that is important.

Discernment by Polly Castor


Discernment is necessary and important. It is a sorting process, seeing layers beneath layers, looking past distractions and decoys, and perceiving truth beyond appearances. It requires patience, spiritual sense, and openness to what is good and right.

Resonate by Polly Castor


To “resonate” means to produce a positive feeling, or emotional response. That’s what this abstract conceptualist work is is about. The best way to do that is through a connection with God.

Between Mother and Child by Polly Castor

Between Mother and Child

This is another intimate piece about the relationship between a mother and her child. It expresses a universal feeling, energy, and intimacy in a way a representational portrait cannot.

Om by Polly Castor


I originally thought of depicting the concept of Om in a continuous horizontal line, but the more I thought about it, I changed my mind. I like the vertical image instead as indicative of the human reaching for the divine, focusing past all the chatter of the foreground to the immense wholeness beyond. I chose an egg shape to represent that listening Source for the sense of life and patience it suggests.