Nut and Geb by Polly Castor

Nut and Geb

In the ancient Egyptian civilization, Nut and Geb embody two opposite gods. The earth god Geb, who represents dry land, is the husband of sky goddess Nut, who represents the sky, a mirror image of the watery sea. They are depicted in this painting.

Dazzling Dots by Polly Castor

Dazzling Dots

In the spirit of aboriginal art, both the dots and the warmth here, simultaneously stimulate and reassure.

Galaxies Beyond by Polly Castor

Galaxies Beyond

The infinite goes on and on, beyond the furthest galaxy, and the largest infinite is God.

Fortified Freedom painting by Polly Castor

Fortified Freedom

Freedom is a joyously secure fortress, a strong tower, not an undefended port.

The Flame Shall Not Hurt Thee by Polly Castor

The Flame Shall Not Hurt Thee

Contemplating here the gutsiness of the Hebrew boys in Daniel (3:25) who were not hurt by the flames when loyal to the One True God. Also thinking of Isaiah 4:2 and of God’s promise about the flame not hurting us.

Awakening by Polly Castor


Spiritual awakening, as well as the daily wakening to the sun, are both wonderful events.