Spiritual Warfare by Polly Castor

Spiritual Warfare

This painting is about the suppositional warfare between Truth and error, evil and good, progress and backsliding, courage and fear. There is a conflict between the evidences of spiritual sense and those of material sense. Spiritual clear-sightedness wins over the blindness of popular belief.  Decisive resolve and resolute boundaries win over narcissism, myopia, and hubris. Work on, while wielding the sword of Truth, confident divine Love is ever at hand, your refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Survival and salvation is immanent.

Psalm 91 by Polly Castor

Psalm 91

This painting illustrates the abstracted feeling and content of Psalm 91. Done in layered oil paint, scraping through to previous layers, it evokes both the cathartic challenges and the redeeming help described in the psalm.

Carpe Diem by Polly Castor

Carpe Diem

It is universally wise, and the first step in any process of change, to seize the day. It is what we have to work with. So in thinking how to paint seizing the day, I chose a strong focal point, with directional lines and shapes supporting your eye to fixate there. I encourage you to seize the day as well!

Panacea by Polly Castor


The universal cure, the a solution and remedy for all difficulties, is going forth from a divine Source.

Trust in God and Understand by Polly Castor

Trust in God and Understand

This is a line from a hymn that I’ve been pondering, delighted that it is possible and that I’m learning to do it. If feels full of details, hence the intricacies of this painting.

Walking in the Light by Polly Castor

Walking in the Light

Conceptual, metaphysical, metaphoric, dazzling, exciting, is what it is like to walk into the light. It is an experience I recommend for everyone. In the light everything looks interesting, everything become possible, and joy and hope are restored. This vibrant painting with a central focal point depicts the peaceful thrill of proceeding in that way.

Surmounting by Polly Castor


Sometimes the way is steep and daunting. Often there are big obstacles in the way. This painting is about surmounting difficulties, regardless of what you’re facing, with faith and fortitude. We can find ways around, and even if our course is zig zagged, with challenging switchbacks, we can overcome, get above and beyond, and see a better view. This painting is about hope, and after effort and persistence, triumph.

The Realm by Polly Castor

The Realm

The eternal realm of infinite harmony is here and everywhere– vast, engaging, and satisfying.

Chambers of the Heart by Polly Castor

Chambers of the Heart

Where does faith and devotion dwell but in the chambers of the heart? This is true regardless of the beliefs involved.