Childhood Imagination by Polly Castor

Childhood Imagination

This depicts an inner landscape, rather than an outward one. Childhood play includes so much faith in the unseen, and this fact is universal and unifying across cultures.

Kitchen Utensils by Polly Castor

Kitchen Utensils

Mindfulness of our quotidian tools, improves our ordinary time, and augments everyday life. Finding beauty in the useful and mundane can be seen as a spiritual practice.

Raising the Shade on the Morning by Polly Castor

Raising the Shade on the Morning

That glorious moment of enlightenment when the blind is raised and the glorious morning is revealed. Morning has been transformed out of night.

Because God Said So by Polly Castor

Because God Said So

I am a strong advocate of listening to God, trying the Spirits (unless it is good it is not from God), and if it is good, then being obedient. That’s what this painting is about.

Underneath the Everlasting Arms by Polly Castor

Underneath the Everlasting Arms

I love the sense of protection expressed in the idea of being tucked up underneath God’s wing. In the everlasting arms we are embraced, nurtured, and carried along.