Empathy by Polly Castor


It takes warmth, caring, and awareness to understand and share the feelings of another.

Layers of Memory by Polly Castor

Layers of Memory

Some memories are in the foreground, others hover in the mid-ground, but many more back up the deep fabric of recollection.

Overcoming White Supremacy by Polly Castor

Overcoming White Supremacy

I’ve been thinking how dull a painting would be if we only had white as a color. Since “people of color” is a preferred reference, I opted here for a range of color, from muted to more intense, to represent diversity instead of choosing to merely depict a range of skin tone. This represents an ongoing process of overcoming, not a vision of it fully accomplished, but it is important to be doing it.

Discernment by Polly Castor


Discernment is necessary and important. It is a sorting process, seeing layers beneath layers, looking past distractions and decoys, and perceiving truth beyond appearances. It requires patience, spiritual sense, and openness to what is good and right.

Between Mother and Child by Polly Castor

Between Mother and Child

This is another intimate piece about the relationship between a mother and her child. It expresses a universal feeling, energy, and intimacy in a way a representational portrait cannot.

Om by Polly Castor


I originally thought of depicting the concept of Om in a continuous horizontal line, but the more I thought about it, I changed my mind. I like the vertical image instead as indicative of the human reaching for the divine, focusing past all the chatter of the foreground to the immense wholeness beyond. I chose an egg shape to represent that listening Source for the sense of life and patience it suggests.

Starlit Lagoon by Polly Castor

Starlit Lagoon

Don’t you love it when the starry night is reflected in the water. The lagoon is quiet and still, and in amongst some bioluminescence and scattered algae, the stars twinkle their promise. The resulting hush is full of potential, calmly awaiting the spark of day.