Social Justice

Black Lives Matter by Polly Castor

Black Lives Matter

I needed to paint this to add one more voice to the Black Lives Matter movement. They not only matter but are crucial.

Empathy by Polly Castor


It takes warmth, caring, and awareness to understand and share the feelings of another.

Embracing our Differences by Polly Castor

Embracing our Differences

In response to the divisions highlighted in the 2020 election in America, this painting considers that in art, contrasts are a good thing, and can be complimentary, mutually supportive, and even harmoniously appealing. This can also be true between faith traditions, as well as within religious organizations.

Overcoming White Supremacy by Polly Castor

Overcoming White Supremacy

I’ve been thinking how dull a painting would be if we only had white as a color. Since “people of color” is a preferred reference, I opted here for a range of color, from muted to more intense, to represent diversity instead of choosing to merely depict a range of skin tone. This represents an ongoing process of overcoming, not a vision of it fully accomplished, but it is important to be doing it.

Carpe Diem by Polly Castor

Carpe Diem

It is universally wise, and the first step in any process of change, to seize the day. It is what we have to work with. So in thinking how to paint seizing the day, I chose a strong focal point, with directional lines and shapes supporting your eye to fixate there. I encourage you to seize the day as well!

My Childhood in Nature by Polly Castor

My Childhood in Nature

This is a painting of my childhood memories of being out in nature. I regularly got this awesome sense of immensity, and light filled perspective, from nature. It gave me invaluable underpinnings in spirituality, and an understanding of the dreamlike aspect of what most people consider as reality.

I feel very fortunate to have had this upbringing, and wish it for more children, although I feel it is getting only more rare. Sadly for most children, this is not the case. Hence this painting encapsulates my hopes for other innocent hearts going forth and exploring their natural environment.

Old Growth by Polly Castor

Old Growth

The redwoods are beautiful in their powerful, enduring presence, and are a symbol of sustainability. Also to me, they preach consistency, perseverance, and growth in the best possible way. The older they are, the more stately and inspiring. The more they reach for the light, the more nourished they are and the better they grow. Meanwhile, in their balance and consistent wisdom, just by being themselves, they breathe out into the world just what it needs. They are an example of health for all of us. They need to not only be exemplified, but defended, for our mutual survival.

Ocean Oxygen by Polly Castor

Ocean Oxygen

This painting reminds us that oxygen, important for life, is in the ocean too, which I get across not only with the bubbles and ripples in ascending sizes, and blueish water tones, but with green symbolizing life, as well. We need to take care of not polluting this oxygen, which is just as precious as that above.