Sounds of Soul

Moonlit Sonata by Polly Castor

Moonlit Sonata

The sonata wafts past the fluttering, sheer curtains, revealing the moon shyly peeking out, surrounded and buoyed by beautiful melody.

An Elaborate Melody by Polly Castor

An Elaborate Melody

A complex melody, full of trills and convolutions, can never-the-less be full of harmony and unified in key.

Sixteenth Notes by Polly Castor

Sixteenth Notes

Lots of quick staccato notes, spritely and fast moving, can deliver an interesting calm.

Fugue in E Major by Polly Castor

Fugue in E Major

A fugue is musical composition in which a short melody or phrase is introduced by one part and successively taken up by others and developed by interweaving the parts. Next in my series on sound, this conceptual painting represents a fugue in E major.

Vacation Vibe by Polly Castor

Vacation Vibe

This was painted outside, lakeside, and the vacation vibe had seeped into my soul, making making it sing out in praise, both buoyant and joyful.