Youth Symphony by Polly Castor

Youth Symphony

I enjoyed playing in the youth symphony as a young person and this piece was created to capture the fresh young joy of that, complete with the whole orchestra of sounds. The trombone and trumpets account for most of the exuberant blast in this piece, undergirded by the bubbly twitter of the violins and the lower foundation of the cellos, full of vibrato and resonance. The overall sound is one of great happiness and jubilation.

Small Whisper by Polly Castor

Small Whisper

Sometimes, when there is a lot going on, and bigger things vie for attention, a small whisper is still heard.

Euphonium Sound by Polly Castor

Euphonium Sound

The tenor pitch of the euphonium has a beautifully pleasing, melodious sound. This painting enjoys the rich tones emanating from deep within the bell of the horn.

Chords by Polly Castor


 A chord is three or more notes sounded together, but it can also be considered strings on an instrument. This painting alludes to both.

The Sound of Fireworks by Polly Castor

The Sound of Fireworks

This painting captures the that distinctive fizzle sound of falling fireworks, directly after their boom.

Doo-wop by Polly Castor


Part of my sound series, Doo-wop is a happy rhythmic painting.

All that Jazz by Polly Castor

All That Jazz

Handmade papers are collaged here to explore the idea of jazz. Different instruments and melodic themes weave their way through this piece as they do in a piece of jazz music.