On the Way to Church by Polly Castor

On the Way to Church

We see this scene twice a week on the way to church. It is a beautiful spot all year long and a great place to notice the changes of the seasons.

Xylem by Polly Castor


This monoprint explores the internal vascular system in plants that conducts water and nutrients up from the roots.

Carpe Diem by Polly Castor

Carpe Diem

It is universally wise, and the first step in any process of change, to seize the day. It is what we have to work with. So in thinking how to paint seizing the day, I chose a strong focal point, with directional lines and shapes supporting your eye to fixate there. I encourage you to seize the day as well!

Field of Dreams by Polly Castor

Field of Dreams

This was painted from memory during a polar vortex freeze in January of a spring moment I remember enjoying during childhood. Reliving that experience was a comforting response to the immobilizing cold weather, and this work of art celebrates the perennial hope inherent each year in the coming of spring.

Future Frogs by Polly Castor

Future Frogs

This is a painting of frog eggs from the vantage point of being with them in the water, looking up to the surface past the floating spawn to the undersides of the lily pads.

Breaking Through by Polly Castor

Breaking Through

While we are breaking through, we can also see all the interesting things going on beyond, taking care of the bits and shards we must get past. The composition in this piece is a cruciform shape, adding further to its complexity of meaning.

Emergent by Polly Castor


In the spring on Earth Day, beyond the stage of meek cotyledons, but not quite yet unfurling, I too am at that stage of potential energy, with growth recently begun, while no where close to finishing. This burgeoning of possibility is so inspiring to me, and a great, earthy place to dwell.